The head of the Metolius (pronounced muh-TOLL-ee-us) River is located in the unincorporated community of Camp Sherman. Since its founding, Camp Sherman has been a cherished destination for vacationers. And it’s no wonder why. The striking clear waters of the ponderosa-lined river are a picturesque backdrop. The quaint general store in town is well-stocked with a curated selection of travelers’ favorites and Oregon-made products. Grab a made-to-order sandwich from the deli before a day of exploring.

Originating from springs and creeks, like our own Lake Creek, the Metolius is a tributary of the Deschutes River and runs from the foot of Black Butte to Lake Billy Chinook. The name, Metolius, is derived from the Warm Springs Sahaptin word, Met-toe-las, meaning white fish, which refers to a light-colored Chinook salmon. As the name indicates, this sacred river is brimming with fish and an angler’s paradise. Fly fishing for bull trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and Kokanee salmon, among others, is a glorious experience year-round.