For nearly a century, vacationers have ventured to our little slice of paradise to soak up all that nature has to offer. We’ve carefully updated our cabins and facilities with all the comforts of home while preserving every ounce of nostalgic charm. You’ll find our staff to be the friendliest you’ll ever meet and ready to make your stay easy and comfortable. At Lake Creek Lodge, it’s easier to unplug and tune in to what matters most. It’s why so many of our guests return year after year.


Named for Lake Creek, which winds through the 42-acre property, our campus is home to 22 historic and luxury cabins. Inside our welcoming main Lodge—complete with the requisite stone fireplace and rocking chairs—find our restaurant, great room and rec room. There is no shortage of fun around here. Instead of happy hour, we have hours of happy with a one-acre fly fishing pond, meandering trails, tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts, a heated outdoor pool and much, much more.

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1924 - 1935: Hanson's Resort

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Our story as a holiday retreat begins in 1924 when new owners, Martin and Lena Hansen built the original main lodge, dining room and a few small housekeeping cabins. The creek was diverted to create a swimming and fishing hole, and the property was dubbed Martin Hansen’s Metolius River Resort.
1935-1952: Roblay & Bud's Lake Creek Lodge

In 1935, the property was sold. The lodge was replaced with a new building, which still stands today. The day-to-day was run by Bud and Roblay McMullin, who were eventually gifted the property in 1937. The McMullins became fixtures in the community and beloved by vacationers. Bud, noted as having a chiseled physique, was known to barbecue each Sunday bare-chested. Roblay was a small but mighty woman who remained a resident at the Lodge after Bud’s death, and the sale of the property, in 1974. She lived in Cabin 11 until she passed away in 1998 at age 91.

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1974-2003: Ladies of OSU

Margaret Lumpkin, Velda Brust and Lisa Taubman, known as the “Ladies of OSU”, were the primary owners and operators from 1974 until 2003. Throughout those three decades, the Ladies made many improvements to the facilities, including adding indoor plumbing, foundations, insulation, and heat. They were extraordinary and compassionate women—educators, published authors, and world travelers.
2003 to Present: Gordon Jones

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In 2003 Gordon Jones purchased the lodge property. Gordon has updated and improved the existing historic structures, built new cabins, restored the stream to its natural meander—providing a better habitat for migrating fish—built the fly fishing pond and restored trails. With every improvement, Gordon honors the spirit and the values on which Lake Creek Lodge was founded. Because it is his home away from home, you’ll often find Gordon on campus. Next time you see him, ask him if he’ll start up the bare-chested Sunday BBQs again.